New Virginia Electronic Payment Requirement for Some Taxpayers


The 2017 Virginia state budget includes a requirement for certain individuals to pay their estimated income tax payments electronically. Beginning immediately, taxpayers who make estimated payments must initiate those payments electronically if:

- Any installment payment of estimated tax exceeds $15,000; or
- Any extension payment exceeds $15,000; or
- Their total estimated income tax due for the taxable year exceeds $60,000.

The Virginia Department of Taxation has begun mailing letters notifying some taxpayers of this requirement. If you meet any of the above thresholds, you will be required to make all estimated payments electronically including estimated taxes, extensions of time to file, and any other amounts due when a return is filed.

Taxpayers are encouraged to visit the Virginia Department of Taxation website here to review their options for electronic payments including registering for an individual online services account to:

- schedule all quarterly payments in advance
- save their banking information,
- view their account and payment history, and
- receive confirmation that Virginia has accepted their payment.

Also, effective January 1, 2018, all estates and trusts will be subject to the same electronic payment requirements as individuals.