Learn more about our tax, planning and investment services.


Learn more about our tax, planning
and investment services.

Services Overview

The Roseline Group, with over a century of combined professional experience, provides tax, planning, and investment services to help clients reach their life and financial goals.


We prepare tax returns for people and anything they create or leave behind, whether it be for a business, family partnership, charitable foundation, trust or estate. More importantly to our clients, we help them minimize their tax expense each step of the way in a manner conducive to achieving their long term financial goals. We can help structure transactions, advise on different ways to save federal and state tax dollars, and ultimately develop a comprehensive tax plan.


We understand every client has different tax planning circumstances. For corporate executives, we can foster understanding and help develop strategies to maximize the value of each company benefit such as stock options and other compensation arrangements. For private business owners, we coordinate individual and business tax planning to achieve optimum results. For all clients, we offer continuous year round, comprehensive tax planning services and proactively offer advice and solutions to minimize tax expense.


Our financial planning professionals work with clients to set financial and life goals, identify alternative approaches, provide a recommended course of action, and monitor and adjust their plan as necessary. We can analyze and advise on any aspect of a person’s financial life, and have the knowledge and experience to take a holistic perspective.

As fee based financial planners, our advice is unbiased as we do not sell any financial products. We simply want to do what is in our clients’ best interest and help them to succeed.

We are accustomed to the changes and challenges people go through in their life. Whether our clients are saving for college, facing insurance decisions, contemplating their retirement or planning their estate, our job is to help them create the future they desire.


Our investment practice works closely with clients to assist them in investing their wealth based on their life goals, financial situation, market conditions and risk tolerance. Our approach to portfolio management and consulting is guided by asset allocation theory and in-depth research prepared by our firm.

We work with investment clients in a variety of different ways. For the “do-it-yourself” clients, we provide a detailed implementation plan listing step by step instructions necessary to take action. For others who neither have the time, experience or desire to personally manage their investments, we can do it for you. We take the responsibility for making investment decisions within your portfolio.

As a registered investment advisor, we have a fiduciary obligation to do whatever is in the best interest of our clients which is the highest standard of care in the industry.